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Fall 2019 Harvest Wellness Mixer

Location: Orillia Area

Possible Dates:

September 21, 22

October 12, 13, 19, 20

(final date to be announced May 15 2019)

Event Description:

This family friendly full day event will encompass workshops on holistic gardening, yoga, mindfulness, trail running/hiking, farm-to-table meals and many other surprise goodies. Discover local artisan crafts and food vendors, and enjoy an immersive musical movement performance. 11.1% of all proceeds will be donated to the Orillia Sharing Place Food Bank, an organization committed to providing nourishing and culturally appropriate foods for individuals and families in need. You do not want to miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded wellness professionals and their families, all the while improving access to healthful, nourishing food for all.


regular price: $247 for individuals, $347 for couples, $397 for families (2 adults, 3 kids)

with exclusive CHNC 50% discount: $123 for individuals, $173 for couples, $197 for families

Wellness-Community Group Coaching Program



Next program starts:

September 23 2019 and completes December 16 2019

Course Description:

Learn how to leverage your expertise as a holistic health professional in order to help more people. We live in a world that makes being healthy seem more and more complicated. As holistic health professionals we understand that having ultimate health and vitality is simply a matter of learning the core ways to improve health. However there are many people who cannot afford to hire us and as a result suffer needlessly from ill health. Learn how to offer massive value to more people, attract more high-paying clients and simply improve the health of all community members in a fair and equitable way.

We will meet bi-weekly for 60 minutes on Zoom where we will mastermind as well as have access to an exclusive Facebook group full of ongoing learning resources.


regular price: $597

with exclusive CHNC 50% discount: $297