Eat Learn Grow believes that those who have plenty of resources are most able to share with those who are in need.

Eat Learn Grow (ELG) encourages people to not settle for just being superhuman—ELG says “be a #SUPERBhuman!”

Superb Humans are involved with local initiatives and charitable foundations. They spread awareness of their campaigns and support them through donations of time, money and resources. Superb Humans donate their time by providing their own unique wellness services as Pay-What-You-Can (PWYC) events.

The journey to Superb Human strength begins with the individual. ELG provides basic group and 1-1 coaching through Food (Eat), Mindfulness (Learn) and Movement (Grow).  Advanced coaching is also available (see below).

ELG reinvests into the community by donating 11.1% of all profits to local charities, like the Orillia Sharing Place Food Bank and the Lighthouse Shelter for Men.

ELG hopes to inspire other wellness workers (yoga teachers, nutritionists, gardeners, naturopaths, reiki practitioners) to follow suit and collectively make a larger impact. To facilitate this ELG hosts Wellness Mixers that are a higher ticket value event, with 11.1% of all profits donated to local charities. These events are high energy, high vibe experiences and resemble a rock concert! They are a fantastic way for like-minded people to connect, network and grow the #SuperbHuman community.

ELG is a family-friendly company and provides opportunities for all ages to attend PWYC events and Wellness Mixers.

ELG offers advanced coaching by inviting clients to stay at HQ for weekend retreats to learn all the basics of becoming a Superb Human from founder Billy Brown. Billy will take you through his daily routines and facilitate numerous advanced sessions on movement, mindfulness, nutrition, gardening, supplements, digital marketing, spirituality and adventure. This is the best option for those looking to fast track to Superb Human status!

ELG produces content that is specifically designed to assist other social entrepreneurs in maximizing their own impact in creating a better world for tomorrow.

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