Nutrition Services

Initial Consultation

Over the course of two 1 hour sessions we will cultivate a nutrition program specifically designed to help you meet your personal health goals. You’ll take home your custom designed action plan (key foods, supplements, lifestyle choices), 7-day meal plan, grocery guide and feelings of confidence and enthusiasm!

In our very first meeting we’ll talk about your personal health goals and any other nutrition or health related topics that interest you. We’ll chitchat and get to know each other whilst working through two comprehensive assessment forms.

In our second meeting we’ll go over your personally designed action plan, 7-day meal plan and grocery guide. We’ll ensure that you’re OK with my suggestions and you feel they’re reasonable.

Offered in-person or via Skype. Book here!

cost: $150 + HST




A 1 hour session intended to provide support and keep you on track to achieving your personal health goals. We’ll work to resolve any challenges you may be encountering. We’ll make some changes to your action plan if things aren’t working out as planned.

If you’re serious about making lasting changes I highly recommend a follow up every 2 weeks for the first 3 months following your initial consultation.

Offered in-person or via Skype. Book here!

cost: $80 + HST


Multiple Follow-Ups can be purchased at the following discounted rates:

2 Follow-Ups: $150 + HST
3 Follow-Ups: $210 + HST
4 Follow-Ups: $270 + HST
5 Follow-Ups: $320 + HST
6 Follow-Ups: $370 + HST