Eat Learn Grow’s mission is simple:

Educate, encourage and Inspire humans to discover their inherent sense of self sufficiency, competency and confidence.


We live in the age of convenience. Every day our lives become a bit more user-friendly. Smart technology learns our preferences and caters to them– our cars are even beginning to drive themselves. How blessed we are!

In the recent past, we were vey thankful for year round access to the many fruits, vegetables and other non-locally produced products we see in grocery stores everyday. This immense convenience is now the norm, and we demand more and more of it. Our demands for this sort of convenience have fuelled agricultural technologies like GMOs, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and self-terminating seeds. Commercial large-scale industrial agriculture gives us lower quality, less tasteful and less nutritious foods. It also is erodes vital topsoil, destroys aquatic environments, creates super resistant pests, and kills our bees. As a result, our demand is calling for food produced organically, without pesticides, sustainably, and free trade

Today it seems like we would do literally anything if it meant an increase in convenience, or at least saved us some money. But convenience has a very important cost, one that’s not measured in dollars and isn’t readily visible, but is vital to our survival: our environment.

But what would happen if we could no longer get any of the foods we wanted, or for that matter, ANY FOOD AT ALL, from the grocery store? How would you provide for your family if you couldn’t actually buy food anymore? Scary to think about, isn’t it? So wouldn’t it be great if we prioritized the supply of truly ethical and organic foods that could be produced in the most convenient ways possible? Not only would we save money on our grocery bills, but we’d guarantee ourselves year-round access to nourishing, delicious and CONVENIENT food.

Now, I’m not one to spread doom and gloom, and I’m not saying a family living in a high rise apartment can provide everything it needs for itself, and I’m not trying to solve any sort of food security issue (at least not directly). What I am saying is that it’s absolutely VITAL we recognize our huge reliance on others to produce our food, that we understand we truly have no idea what has been done to our food before we scoop it up at the store, and we admit we’ve got to prioritize access to

accept recognize


I call on all those who demand convenient, organic, succulent and nutrient rich food to invest in personal, neighbourhood, and/or community based agriculture and food production projects.


We are no longer pioneers, those who had to take care of themselves, no matter what they encountered.

I believe we cannot expect to rely on anyone but ourselves. Not our neighbours, not our doctors, not our governments. It is absolutely paramount to educate ourselves as much as possible.

I believe we can thrive in the 21st century without sacrificing the health of our body or our planet. We must learn to work with, not against, the natural systems of the Earth.

I believe we deserve to be the best version of ourselves and to live the life we dream of, one full of health, happiness and best of all, PASSION!