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Do you dread Winter? Hate the cold and darkness? Discover how to LOVE Winter instead!

Learn how to prepare your garden, your mind and your body for the collectively least appreciated season.

Winter. The longest season in Canada. We Canadians LIVE for Summer, the time of the year when we can soak up all the sun and outdoor fun we can in just 3 short months. Many of us dread the Winter, escaping either to our couch+Netflix+Snuggie or dropping thousands of dollars to head to an exotic location, where often times we overdo it with food and alcohol. The reality is, we were born for Winter! We were born to learn how to adapt to our environment and thrive in any situation. That’s what it means to be Human!

Winter is an opportunity to slow down, go inside, and build ourselves up. The energy this time of year is very Yin, meaning we ought to live in a more Yin way. It is a time of self reflection, contemplation, rest and self mastery. Instead of dreading our longest season, why not embrace it, greeting it with the same magnitude of enthusiasm we express for Summer? Why not emerge from Winter feeling your very best, ready to live your next Summer to the fullest.?

Enrol in Eat Learn Grow’s newest program, “Winter,” and receive a combination of individual- and group-based coaching and learning resources. Our number one goal is to create a thriving community of self-sufficient humans who are connected to and appreciative of the natural world they live in.

Some topics covered include:

  • closing down garden
  • preserving harvest
  • seasonal diet changes
  • key supplements for Winter
  • mindset and habit development
  • mindfulness
  • physical practice
  • how to stay warm no matter how cold it is


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