We treat our health like we grow our food.
Our bodies are wonderfully complex and powerful systems,

capable of achieving great things when provided the right materials. We become sick or diseased when we exhaust our body’s reserves and do not replenish something our body needs. When we become sick, we go to our doctor who gives us a pill that makes us feel better, but doesn’t actually heal us. Instead we become dependent on pills to make us feel better.

The same is true with our modern food production system.

Nature is perfect, and will always provide the right materials for plants to grow, but we have chosen to plant our crops in such a way that we strip the soil of these materials. We plant only one variety of crop in vast swathes of land (called “mono-cropping”), instead of a diversity as Nature does. Since the soil is being used again and again to grow the same crops, the same nutrients that naturally occurred in seasonal cycles are being sucked from the soil, requiring the addition of chemical fertilizers, year after year, after year, after year… The soil is sick, it is low in key nutrients, but instead of insuring rich, nutritious soil, we simply give it a “pill”, so that 3 nutrients that help plant growth are present, but of course the other 100s of nutrients plants need to be truly healthy are not present.

Our connection with food has developed into a love-hate relationship. On the one hand, it brings us great joy. It fills our bellies and gives us nourishment, comfort and energy. But it is now also causing a growing wave of preventable, degenerative disease. Industrialized food production is also harming the most beautiful and powerful living thing of all– the Earth.