Looking to brush up on your food knowledge,  improve your health through diet or learn some new ways to feed your family nutritious and tasty food? 

Work with me and we’ll create a custom designed nutrition blueprint that you’ll use to build a strong, lifelong foundation in eating habits. 

I offer my consultation services in-person at the Orillia Foot and Wellness Centre (333 Mary Street, Orillia, ON) or via Skype.

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Food Production

Interested in supplying yourself with fresh, organic and FREE food all year round? Or do you want to take it a step further and help feed your neighbours and your community?

Stop wasting money on overpriced organic groceries and learn how to produce and consume healthy homegrown foods all year round!

We can meet in office, at your location or via Skype, and I’ll help you find a food production solution that works for you.

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